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  • Growing Demand for Ohm Meter Market to Significantly Increase Revenues Through 2028

    Ohm Meter Market: Overview

    An ohm meter is an electronic instrument that measures the resistance of any electrical or electronic equipment. Basically, Ohm meter measures the opposition of an electric current in an electrical or electronic equipment. Ohm meter has an electronic circuit that passes a constant current through the resistance and also measures the voltage across the resistance. The measured value is converted from analog to digital converter then microprocessor recognize the current and voltage according to the ohm’s law and decode it to display a binary value. The unit of measurement of resistance is ohms (Ω). Ohm meter also measures the low as well as large resistances. There are two types of ohm meters micro-ohm meters and meg-ohm meter. 

    Ohm Meter Market: Dynamics

    The increasing research & development spending by government and public authorities is one of the prominent growth factor in the ohm meter market. With the significant number of end use industries using the Ohm Meter for measuring the resistance is also one of the key factor for the growth of ohm meter market. Moreover, the demand for durable equipment is noted to be continuously driven throughout the historic period and the same trend is expected to follow over the forecast period. The replacement rate of Ohm Meter is witnessed to be high as these electronics equipment once be malfunction we have to replace it. This is also one of the factor for the growth of the ohm meter market. Furthermore, setting up of new research laboratories due to the rising focus towards research in the fields of electronics can also be said to have a significant impact on the ohm meter market.

    The increasing sales of multi-meter can adversely affect the growth of ohm meter market over the forecast period. Precision manufacturing and demand for accuracy are some of the factors contributing to the demand for the digital multi-meter, which further creating obstacles in the ohm meter market growth. Ohm meter with digital displays are seen to be one of the key trend in the ohm meter market. This trend is expected to become driver for the growth of ohm meter market over the forecast period. 

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    Ohm Meter Market: Segmentation

    Ohm Meter Market can be segmented by Product Type and by End Use:-

    On the basis of Product Type, the global Ohm Meter market can be segmented into:-

    • Analog Ohm Meter

    • Digital Ohm Meter 

    On the basis of end use, the global Ohm Meter market can be segmented into:- 

    • Electrical Industry

    • Electronics Industry

    • Automotive Industry

    • Industrial Automation

    • Analytical Laboratory Testing

    • Power & Energy  

    Ohm Meter Market: Prominent Participants

    Examples of some of the market participants operating in the global Ohm Meter market are as follows:

    • Vinicas, Inc.

    • TW Controls

    • PCE Instruments

    • FLIR Systems

    • Wells Vehicle Electronics

    • Simpson

    • IET Labs, Inc

    • Scientific Mes Technik Pvt.Ltd

    • Midland Scientific Inc.

    • Fisher scientific

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    Ohm Meter Market: Regional wise Outlook 

    Regionally, Asia Pacific is expected to be on forefront in the global ohm meter market owing to increasing industrialization as well as significant growth in Electrical and Electronics industry. In Asia Pacific, China is estimated to dominate the electronics market and holds more than 50% share in the Asia Pacific electronic industry. Furthermore, Emerging economies such as India, also grow with healthy growth rate in the automotive, electrical & electronics industries which propel the demand for ohm meter over the forecast period. Japan is also growing with significant growth rate owing to increase in industrial automation as well as electric vehicles. North America is expected to hold significant share in the global ohm meter market owing to considerable applications in the end use industries. Europe ohm meter market is anticipated to grow at a steady rate owing to the stringent regulations regarding the standards in the electrical & electronics industries in the region. Ohm meter market is expected to grow globally closely following the electronic industry growth.

  • Revenue from the Sales of Rubber Testing Equipment Market to Increase Exponentially During 2018-2028

    Rubber Testing Equipment: Market Outlook

    Rubber is made up of various polymers which helps in the usage of it in many industries. There are two different types of rubber which are, natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Natural rubbers are obtained from the rubber trees which consist of isoprene which is an organic compound, and polymers. There are very few impurities found in the obtained rubber. Indonesia and Malaysia are the leading players of natural rubber. Synthetic rubber is also called as artificial rubber or elastomer. These rubber products are synthesized by the by-products of petroleum. Annually there are around 15 Bn Kg of petroleum rubber produced and two third of it comprises of synthetic rubber.

    Most of the synthetic rubber produced is used in the mechanical industry to make tires, matting, belts, flooring and other machine parts. In order to check the quality and the working of these rubber material, there is an equipment used to check it, called as rubber testing equipment. Testing equipment’s are used in various fields such as electronic test equipment, electrical testing equipment, and mechanical testing equipment.

    Rubber testing equipment’s are used to check the viability, stability and the durability of the rubber material before using it in any industries. Rubber is a growing market in the automotive industry, and hence rubber testing equipment is expected to have a high growth in the upcoming years.

    Rubber Testing Equipment and its Properties:

    Rubber testing equipment has been used for many years. There are various types of rubber testing equipment’s available in the market such as, tensile tester, shore hardness tester, MDR, flexing fatigue tester, abrasion tester, brittleness point temperature tester, stress relaxation tester, rebound tester, freezing tester and others. These new instruments in the rubber testing equipment market helps in the measurement of rubber, polymers and rubber compounds during all stages of manufacture.

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    When the rubber testing equipment is made, it has to meet certain standards such as ISO standards, DST, and ASTM. Few rubber testing equipment’s are digitally operated whereas most of the rubber testing equipment’s are operated manually. There are certain factors which helps in the growth of the rubber testing equipment market, such as increasing demand for durable goods, and growing technological advancements to make rubber testing equipment.

    Rubber testing equipment was first presented by Dr. Melvin Mooney. He presented a viscometer which helps gauging the viscosity of rubber. These new formulations help grew the rubber testing market.  

    Global Rubber Testing Equipment Market: Segmentation

    On the basis of testing, the global rubber testing equipment market has been segmented as:

    • Compression Testing

    • Density Testing

    • Laboratory Testing

    • Ageing Ovens Testing

    • Hardness Testing

    • Viscosity Testing

    • Flex Testing

    • Specimen Preparation Testing

    • Others

    On the basis of end use, the global rubber testing equipment market has been segmented as:

    • General Rubber Goods

      • Door Trims

      • Floor Mats

    • Tires

    • General Polymers

    • Industrial Rubber Products

      • Pipes

      • Horse Belts

    • Compounds

     Global Rubber Testing Equipment Market: Market Participants

    Some of the market participants operating in the global Rubber Testing Equipment market identified across the value chain include U-Can Dynatex Inc., Alpha Technologies, TA Instruments, Ektron Tek, Presto Stantest, Gibitre Instruments Srl, Prescott Instruments, Montech Rubber Testing Instruments, Goettfert Inc., Norka Instruments, among the other Rubber Testing Equipment manufacturers.

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    Key Developments in the Rubber Testing Equipment Market:

    In January 2018, TA instruments announced its new distributor Gulf Bio Analytical Group of Companies (IMSS-GBA) which will supply Integrated Modern Scientific Supplies in the Saudi Arabia region.

    Opportunities for Participants in the Rubber Testing Equipment Market:

    It is expected that APAC has a significant amount of share in the overall rubber testing equipment market due to the increasing development of the automotive industry in the region. North America region uses more amount of rubber when compared to any other regions, which helps in the growth of the rubber testing equipment market. The automotive industry require rubber in order to maintain the durability. The emerging automotive industry is the major reason for the growing demand for rubber testing equipment’s.

    Many rubber manufacturers in the developed region incorporate the usage of rubber testing equipment in many industries, which helps in the growth of the market in the developed regions. If the same practice is followed by the developing regions, then the chances of the rubber testing equipment market to grow is high, globally.

  • Test Rig Market Revenue Growth Defined by Heightened Product Innovation

    Test rig Market: Introduction

    A test rig is a piece of apparatus, or a system, which involves several pieces of equipment that works together. A test rig is specifically designed for the purpose of testing any apparatus. Companies which are manufacturing test rig are offering a wide range of products in electrical testing instruments for multiple purposes. A test rig is also used for safety purposes or testing of products in industries, such as manufacturing and industrial. A test rig provides enhanced productivity and quality. A test rig also plays a primary role in detecting faults and production of electronic equipment. The cost of a test rig is comparatively lower than that of other testing equipment.

    A test rig saves the labor time and reduce technical errors. A test rig are powerful tools for measuring the intensity of electricity. Test rig have the ability of conducting tests of variety of electronic instruments, such as high voltage test, impulse winding tests, power analyzer, and many more. Test rig are also useful in laboratories that work with multiple functions, such as for repairing services and workmanships.

    Test rigs are being used widely in the manufacturing industry as it play an important role in the industry for multiple purposes before processing. Test rigs are also used for physical characterization of intermediate products during manufacturing and for finished works. Moreover, the growing demand for electrical equipment products is also creating potential growth opportunities for test rig market. In addition, the growing manufacturing industry in Asia Pacific, especially in China, India, and Japan is creating potential opportunities for the growth of test rig0020market.   

    Test rig Market: Drivers and Challenges


    With increasing digitalization in the laboratories, industrial and manufacturing sectors, the adoption of test rig have started to support the automation trend. Several laboratories and research organizations are using and adopting advanced laboratory system for smooth laboratory processes. Furthermore, the constant innovations in the laboratory equipment and the applications of laboratory equipment are increasing rapidly in different laboratory areas. Today’s laboratories are continually looking for ways for improvement in their productivity and maximize the long-term value of their testing work. The laboratory equipment is now available in the digital and automatic operational mode which are more preferred in the laboratories for maximizing the efficiency of their mixing, testing, shaking, and other laboratory testing processes carried out.

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    The high prices of test rigs is one of the major challenge for the growth of test rig market. Moreover, the technology requires skilled personnel for statistical analyses and for efficient process. On the other hand, research laboratories and organizations need to make heavy investments in order to procure and maintain modern test rig. These are the primary factors, which are acting as a challenges for the Test rig market growth during the assessment period.

    Test rig Market: Segmentation

    The Test rig market can be segmented on the basis of operation, product type, vertical and region.

    Segmentation of the Test rig market on the basis of operation:

    • Hydraulic

    • Hydrostatic

    Segmentation of the Test rig market on the basis of product type:

    • General Purpose Test rig

    • Mechanical Test Equipment

    Segmentation of the Test rig market on the basis of vertical:

    • Manufacturing

    • Industrial

    • Automotive

    • Others

    Test rig Market: Competition Landscape

    Some of the key vendors identified in the test rig market includes Formrite Precision Limited, Dynaspede, Averna, Servo Enterprises, Eltecon Engineering Services, Accurate Test Equipments and Engineers, ETA Technology Private Limited, Technomech, and Mechanica Systems.

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    Test rig Market: Regional Overview

    On the basis of geography, the largest test rig market share is held by North America, owing to the presence of well-developed manufacturing companies with innovative technologies in the region. SEA & Others of APAC and Western Europe are also expected to gain substantial Test rig market shares in the coming years, owing to the rapid adoption of efficient technologies. China is pegged to be the fastest growing test rig market, due to the initiatives being taken by the government of the country and players in the market towards technological advancements. 

    The test rig markets in Latin America and MEA are also expected to witness high growth rates in the coming period, due to the rise in the adoption of smart electronic devices with inbuilt software, especially in the multiple industries, such as manufacturing and healthcare.

  • Rapid Increase in End-use Adoption to Boost Soil Field Testing Equipment Market Revenue Growth

    The criticality of the assessment of properties and quality of soil continues to sustain the sales of soil field testing equipment at a global level. As the participants in the construction industry are mandated to adhere to the National Bureau of Standards for soil resistive testing, it is more likely that on-field soil testing would continue to gather ground, subsequently boosting the demand for soil field testing equipment such as soil density volumeters, soil moisture testers, soil penetrometers, soil classification testers, soil resistivity testers, pocket shear vane sets, and digital pH meters.

    According to a newly published market research intelligence by Future Market Insights, tightening regulatory norms set for testing the compatibility of building and construction materials with soil are predominantly driving the growth of soil field testing equipment market. Estimated to see moderate revenue growth in coming years, the approximately US$ 900 million global market for soil field testing equipment is expected to merely approach the valuation of a billion dollar towards 2020.

    In addition to urbanization that is boosting the expenditure on building and construction, augmenting R&D investments initiated by governments as well as privately owned entities will continue to widen the prospects of soil field testing equipment adoption. Increasing stringency of the regulatory frameworks governing building and construction industry is also playing a prominent role in firming up the demand for soil field testing equipment worldwide.

    Over 30% Market Share Belongs to Water Permeability Testing Equipment

    In an effort to satisfy soil density requirements set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), the industry is raising steady demand for soil field testing equipment.

    ASTM standards defined for the desired soil permeability are significantly boosting demand for soil field testing equipment such as water permeability testers, which hold a substantial contribution in the global soil field testing equipment landscape, i.e. more than 30% of the total market value. Soil field testing equipment used in testing the soil density and consolidation are also slated for a considerable market revenue share, as indicated by the report.

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    Portable Soil Testing Equipment Explores Higher Applicability

    While based on the type of machine, stationary soil field testing equipment currently accounts for more than half of the total market value, the report also prompts at the elevating adoption of portable soil field testing equipment. The latter, owing to superior functionality and convenient attributes such as light weight and low maintenance, will reportedly showcase relatively higher potential in terms of adoption across the industry.

    More Demand Projected to Flow to R&D Laboratories

    Following the on-site segment, educational institutes are presumed to represent a sizeable value share in soil field testing equipment landscape. While the widening expanse of construction industry is propelling the demand for on-site soil testing equipment, R&D laboratories are also poised to represent a decent share in the total market value.

    The report however prompts at a gradually increasing revenue share of educational institutes owing to relatively high yearly growth projections. A number of soil field testing equipment manufacturers are involved in conducting training workshops and seminars for customer companies, which is likely to boost the demand for soil field testing equipment in the near future.

    Emerging Economies Mirror a Positive Growth Outlook for the Market

    Asia Pacific (excluding Japan), with over 1/3rd value share in the soil field testing equipment landscape, is anticipated to remain at the forefront of global competition owing to the constantly thriving construction industry and emergence of highly attractive investment avenues residing in the region’s infrastructure domain. Increasing inclination of both consumers and industry stakeholders towards safe building and construction activities will remain a prominent factor pushing adoption of soil field testing equipment across APEJ.

    Europe, although positioned as the next key regional market for manufacturers of soil field testing equipment, is slated for a sluggish growth in the revenue through the next few years. The region’s construction industry has been in its maturity phase over the recent past, which is likely to influence the growth of soil testing space across Europe. On contrary, the soil field testing equipment market in Latin America and Middle East & Africa are forecast to demonstrate promising year on year growth in by 2020 and ahead.

    While the report points to key players in soil field testing market focusing on the technological advancements in existing portfolio of soil field testing equipment, automation also remains a key factor dictating their developmental strategies.

    Overseas expansion through strengthening online sales of soil field testing equipment is also projected to be an important strategy adopted by prominent manufacturers. According to the report, growing focus on the continuous development of advanced technology equipment for soil field testing is likely to push R&D investments of manufacturers.

    Some of the leading companies in soil field testing equipment landscape that have been profiled in the FMI study include Controls S.p.A., Humboldt Mfg. Co.,, FilWEB, EIE Instruments, and ELE International.

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  • Global Metal Polish Products Market Revenue to Witness Steady Growth Through 2026

    Metal Polish Products Market Outlook:

    Metal products are polished to create a reflective surface, inhibit the contamination of instruments, prevent the corrosion of pipes, remove oxidation as well as enhance the appearance of any item. Metal polish products are used to remove oxidation from metal objects with a motive to prevent the metal from getting corroded and increase its lifespan. Metal polish products are gaining traction in the market, owing to the high use of metals in furniture, antiques and machinery. The use of metal polish is not only limited to clean metals and restore shine, but it also helps in removing a layer of oxidation as oxidized metal has a bad finish, looks dull and stains easily. Rising consumer demand for a smoother microscopic surface, better reflection, high gloss and shine in metal products is a key contributing factor to the growth of the metal polish products market. The supply-side participants in the metal polish products market are engaged in the innovation of new products to cater to the consumer demand and thereby complement the growth of the metal polish products market.

    Technological Advancements & New Product Innovation drive the Adoption of Metal Polish Products

    The global metal polish products market has been registering rapid growth, owing to the use of different metal alloys in machinery, furniture and other metal products due to their cheaper cost and high efficiency. Metal polish products are available in different forms such as foam, tablet, gel, spray and liquid, depending upon the application. The rising awareness about the availability of these products also complements the growth of the metal polish market. Metal polish products are used to safely clean, protect and shine metal surfaces without causing damage. Recently, a sudden hike in the demand for metal polish products has been observed, owing to their versatile nature, to remove tarnish, clean surface dust, prevent corrosion and surface rust and inhibit oxidation. Metal polish products find a wide range of applications in various metals such as silver, gold, aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, chrome, brass and more.

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    Metal Polish Products Market: Segmentation

    On the basis of form, the metal polish products market has been segmented as:

    • Liquids
    • Sprays
    • Gels
    • Tablets
    • Foam

    On the basis of end use, the metal polish products market has been segmented as:

    • Households
    • Industrial
    • Metal Manufacturing

    On the basis of sales channel, the metal polish products market has been segmented as:

    • Hypermarkets
    • Supermarkets
    • Independent Retailers
    • Multi Brand Stores
    • Specialty Retail Stores
    • Online Sales
      • Company Website
      • 3rd Party Online Sales

    Metal Polish Products Market: Market Participants

    The key market participants identified across the value chain of the metal polish products market are Tri-Peek International Limited, Rubbedin cleaning products, Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited., California Custom Products Inc., Reckitt Benckiser Group PLC, S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc., Diversified Chemical Technologies, Inc., White Diamond Detail Products, Weiman Products, LLC., Wizards Products, Turtle Wax, Inc., Halfords Limited, Menzerna polishing compounds GmbH & Co. KG and Cyclo Industries, Inc., among others.

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    Opportunities for Metal Polish Products Market Participants

    Globally, the metal polish market has been witnessing significant growth, owing to the rise in the demand for cleaning and polishing products. The market is governed by the innovation of new products, owing to advancement in technology, as a result of which the manufacturers of metal polish products market keep adding new products to their portfolios. The supply-side participants of the metal polish products market are focussed on making their products more efficient and cost-effective. The emergence of e-commerce and the influence of TV commercials also play a major role in driving the growth of the metal polish products market during the forecast period.

  • Manufacturers to Benefit from Lucrative Growth Prospects in the Global Fire Pump Test Meters Market

    The fire pump test meters market growth is likely to continue an upward trajectory, with global demand set to surpass US$ 192 Mn in 2019, up from nearly 183 Mn in 2018. These insights are as per the latest FMI research study that projects a promising outlook for fire pump test meters market 2019 and beyond.

    According to the study, broader trends, such as growing emphasis on enhancing operational efficiency and mitigating downtime continue to fuel investment in fire pump test meters.

    Intermittent inspection of the water pressure levels in pumps via fire pump test meters is gathering substantial traction, with an objective of maintaining adequate pressure and preventing fire spread. Particulars as such provide enough credence to the inevitable growth of fire pump test meters market over the forecast timespan”, says the FMI report.

    The FMI study finds that end-users continue to show a marked preference for mid-sized pipes, owing to wider applications across a range of applications. The study opines that ‘5.1 inches to 9 inches’ will remain the topselling variant in 2019, with the status-quo unlikely to change during the course of the forecast period.

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    FMI Survey Finds End-Users Prefer Grooved Fire Pump Test Meters over Flanged Variants

    The FMI survey finds that fire pump test meters with grooved body type remain highly-favored, with global sales likely to equal a market value of over US$ 95 Mn in 2019. The oil, gas, and chemicals industries continue to spearhead demand, with the market benefitting from the recovery in oil prices. According to the study, evolving regulations concerning safety at oil & gas plants are likely to hard press stakeholders to bolster their security apparatus.

    Fire pump test meter sales in the oil & gas industry are likely to be complemented by growing applications in power generation sector. Testing equipment, including fire pump test meters, is emerging as a viable investment for reducing high insurance costs in the power generation sector; the FMI study remains bullish on adoption of fire testing equipment in power generation sector in the future.

    North America, spearheaded by healthy sales in the US, retains its lucrativeness in the fire pump testing meters market. The lucrativeness of this region can be attributed to growing emphasis on process streamlining by diverse industry verticals.

    The manufacturing framework of fire pump testing meters remains highly influenced by codes and standards issued by prominent organizations, such as National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), vis-à-vis design of fire pumps and related components. Moreover, NFPA guidelines on inspection of fire pump test meters post initial installation and on annual basis thereafter remains a crucial aspect encouraging manufacturers to offer value-added services. With disruptive innovations gaining traction, manufacturers are vying to offer advanced products that simplify testing processes with a high level of reliability.

    Addressing the challenges associated with accuracy in high precision for even low-end readings remains a key focus area for manufacturers. Sensing the shifts in end-user demand, manufacturers are incorporating advanced materials to withstand extremes of operational environment. Fire pump test meter manufacturers are also offering extended warranties to boost consumer confidence and repeat sales.

    The FMI report gauges the evolving opportunities in the fire pump test meters market for the forecast timeline of 2019-2027. According to the report, the fire pump test meters is estimated to expand at a CAGR of 5% through 2027.

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  • Increasing Demand for Network Tester Market to Fuel Revenue Growth Through 2028

    Market Outlook

    The network is the communication between two or more computer systems. In practice, a network is comprised of a number of different computer systems connected by physical and/or wireless connections. The penetration of Information and Telecommunication Services has changed the face of the business operation. Today most of the government, as well as public enterprises, have adopted the IT services and depend on IT infrastructure services for their smooth functioning. It is thus ideal to run a network test while installing a new network as well as to troubleshoot the existing network. Network Tester is tools checks if the network runs smoothly without any interference. A network tester primarily tests the upload and download speed of the network followed by the security and load test. The fast and seamless network is a critical entity especially when it comes to government as well as business operations. Network tester is thus largely used by various private and public enterprises as well as by government agencies in order to ensure the smooth functioning. The Network tester market is expected thus expected to grow over the forecast period. 

    Growing Demand for Network Testers owing Rapidly Evolving Network Technologies

    It is necessary to test the working of the network before and after the installation to reduce the system failure and thus having a check in repair cost. Network tester is used to check any flaws or defects in the network. The escalating demand for Network tester in network installation, maintenance, research, and development as well as manufacturing are prominent drivers of Network tester market. The surging demand for faster connectivity, increased use of cell phone as well as laptops, demand for higher bandwidth and evolving multimedia are some of the secondary drivers for Network tester market. The increasing demand for Network tester from the increasing adoption of the enterprise network is further expected to lift the Network Tester. With the installation of a network system on large in enterprises and government sites, increase the necessity to the analysis of network, boost the demand for Network testers. Various internet service providers depend on Network tester to ensure that consumers receive a high quality and efficient network. The telecom, datacom as well as optical fiber testing highly relies on various Network Tester. The highly demanded deployment of FTTH service is expected to increase demand for various Network testers. 

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    Global Network testers: Market Segmentation

    On the basis of the type of service, the global Network testers market has been segmented as

    • Managed Network Implementation Services

    • Managed Network Design Service

    • Support & Maintenance Services

    • Managed Network Monitoring Services

    On the basis of equipment type, the global Network testers market has been segmented as

    • Stress Testers

    • Performance Analyzers

    • Protocol Analyzers

    • Conformance Analyzers

    • Interoperability Test Systems

    • Others

    On the basis of End User, the global Network testers market has been segmented as

    • Computer and Electronics Industry

    • Educational Institutes

    • Research laboratories

    • Large Enterprises

    • Government agencies

    • Other Business Segments 

    Global Network testers Market: Key Players

    The Global Network testers are competitive. Some of the key players in the global Network testers market include Agilent Technologies, Digital Lightwave Inc., Anritsu Corporation, EXFO Electro-Optical Engineering Inc., Fluke Networks, Finisar Corporation, Harris Corporation., and others 

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    Opportunities for Global Network testers Market Participants

    The increase in the use of digital technology, a rise in deployment of FFTH and FFTX has created a demand for portable as well as efficient Network testers. The manufacturers are investing in R&D to reduce the cost, reduce product development time as well as increase the quality and performance of the product and mark their dominance in the market. The upcoming next-generation technologies like 5G, VoLTE, Li-Fi increases the demand for Network testers creating new market opportunities.

    Global Network testers Market: Regional Outlook

    The Global Network testers market is regionally segmented as North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and MEA. Asia Pacific region is expected to dominate the Network testers market during the forecast period. Owing to the increasing demand for telecommunication services, rising demand for television and multimedia services as well as a rising number of cell phone users and the online gaming trend.

  • Global Pipetting Robots Market to Record Rise in Incremental Opportunity By 2028

    Pipetting Robots Market: Overview

    Pipetting robots are used in chemical or biochemical laboratories for automation. It is a robot that hands out a selected quantity of sample or other liquid to a specific designated container. There has been an increase in bioengineering universities that are upgrading and adopting automation equipment for laboratories to make smooth laboratory processes, and these universities are also upgrading and modifying their existing laboratory equipment and technologies to meet their needs. These factors are expected to impel the growth of the pipetting robots market in most of the developed and developing nations.

    Pipetting robots in residential and industrial applications have achieved a stronger presence across the globe. Due to the rise in next-generation robotic applications, pipetting robots are creating lots of opportunities for manufacturers. With advancements in computer vision, advanced robotic features, and lower component costs, pipetting robots are being heavily adopted by consumers to automate their work. Furthermore, the increasing need for a reproducible system, and a highly repeatable and reproducible system for various lab applications by customers to avoid any contamination related risk are supporting the growth of the market across the globe. Moreover, minimizing safety hazards for both, operators and patients, is also supporting the pipetting robots market.

    Pipetting Robots Market: Drivers and Challenges

    The integration of emerging AI technologies in robotics and increasing awareness of these technologies among consumers are the primary factors that are expected to increase the growth of the pipetting robots market. Besides, the increasing acceptance of voice technology and growing investments in IoT are the latest trends that are expected to boost the growth of the pipetting robots market over the forecast period.

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    Governments of developing economies such as China and India are supporting and focusing on the manufacturing of smart robots, which is expected to create huge business expansion opportunities for pipetting robot manufacturers during the period of forecast. Further, the demand for automated lab systems in laboratories and increasing applications of pipetting robots for universities are the other factors responsible for the growth of the pipetting robots market.

    High deployment cost and initial investment are the major factors, coupled together, that are expected to challenge the growth of the pipetting robots market. However, government initiatives and infrastructure development training programs may assist in overcoming all the challenges of the market.

    Pipetting Robots Market: Segmentation

    Pipetting Robots Market Segmentation by Product Type:

    • Automatic Pipetting Robots
    • Semiautomatic Pipetting Robots

    Pipetting Robots Market Segmentation by End Use:

    • Chemicals
    • Healthcare
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Biotechnology
    • Others

    Pipetting Robots Market: Competition Landscape

    Key Players

    Some of the major players in the global pipetting robots market include DORNIER-LTF GmbH, Andrew Alliance, BioTek, OpenTrons, Tecan, Sias AG Switzerland, Hamilton Company, Tecan, Opentrons, Hudson Robotics, and other pipetting robot providers.

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    Pipetting Robots Market: Regional Overview

    The pipetting robots market in North America has shown a significant growth rate, due to increasing advancements in robotics technologies. With the presence of key players, coupled with the rising penetration of advanced technologies in the region, the pipetting robots market in North America holds the largest market share. Furthermore, the trend of advanced laboratories and rising penetration of pipetting robots in universities are boosting the growth of pipetting robots market in North America. Asia Pacific (APEC) is expected witness a high growth rate in the pipetting robots market, due to the increasing demand from universities and medical research institutes in the region. Europe is the fastest growing market for pipetting robots, due to an increase in the adoption of pipetting robots in several areas. The demand for pipetting robots has risen dramatically over the past 12 months, globally.

    The report covers exhaustive analysis on:

    • Pipetting Robots Market Segments
    • Pipetting Robots Market Dynamics
    • Historical Actual Market Size, 2013-2017
    • Pipetting Robots Market Size & Forecast, 2018 to 2028
    • Value Chain of the Pipetting Robots market
    • Pipetting Robots Market Current Trends/Issues/Challenges
    • Competition & Companies Involved
    • Drivers and Restraints

  • Global Sleeping Bags Market to Witness Heightened Revenue Growth by 2028

    Sleeping Bags Market Outlook:

    In the wind of adventure sports, the trend for outdoor activities is rising among the commonwealth in a dramatic fashion. While planning a vacation these days camping has started to pop out as the most preferred choice. With this growing trend of mountaineering and camping activities, the demand for outdoor sports equipment such as sleeping bags, tents, backpacks, safety equipment etc. is also increasing rapidly. Sleeping bags are mostly used for insulating our bodies against harsh climatic conditions which also serves the purpose of a quilt, covering or simply bedding. The demand for sleeping bags in the market is growing at a swift rate owing to the rise in outdoor activities such as hiking, hill walking, climbing, and camping. The hike in demand for sleeping bags is directly proportional to the rise in adventure enthusiast. Adventure activities not only brings you closer to nature but also serves as an economical and affordable vacation thereby leading more and more people to indulge in such activities leading to a rise in demand for products such as sleeping bags in the market. Sleeping bags have become an essential item while packing bags for going out for camping activities. The growth in e-commerce is making sleeping bags and its variants more accessible to the consumer and acts as a contributing factor in boosting the demand for sleeping bags in the market.

    Rise in prevalence of outdoor activities coupled with increasing population of adventure enthusiasts is driving the Sleeping Bags Market:

    Globally, the demand for sleeping bags is rising at a steady rate owing to an increase in the population of nature lovers as they are more inclined towards adventurous activities. The increasing rate of adoption of adventurous vacation spots of the millennial population owing to increasing awareness about the benefits of camping such as reduces stress and improved mental and emotional health has led to an increase in the demand for sleeping bags in the market. The availability of different variants of sleeping bags which are suitable for different purposes and different demography makes it a customer friendly product. The manufacturers of sleeping bags are coming up with new and innovative products for serving various types of consumer demand by introducing products which are suitable for all types of climatic conditions, durable and at the same time are pocket-friendly leading to a hike in demand for sleeping bags in the market. The emergence of social media as a key influencer on the interest of consumers also plays a major role in encouraging the growth of camping activities and eventually the growth in demand for sleeping bags in the market.

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    Sleeping Bags Market: Market Segmentation

    On the basis of Demography, the Sleeping Bags market has been segmented as:

    • Male
    • Female
    • Unisex

    On the basis of Insulation Type, the Sleeping Bags market has been segmented as:

    • Down
    • Synthetic

    On the basis of Size, the Sleeping Bags market has been segmented as:

    • Kids
    • Long
    • Regular

    On the basis of Shape, the Sleeping Bags market has been segmented as:

    • Rectangular Shape
    • Mummy Shape

    On the basis of Sales Channel, the Sleeping Bags market has been segmented as:

    • Multi Brand Stores
    • Independent retailers
    • Supermarket/Hypermarket
    • Online Sales
      • Company Website
      • 3rd party Online Sales
    • Specialty stores

    Sleeping Bags Market: Market participants:

    The key market participants identified across the value chain of the Sleeping Bags market are Decathlon S.A, Recreational Equipment, Inc., Johnson Outdoors Inc., Western Mountaineering, V.F. Corporation, ENLIGHTENED EQUIPMENT, Oase Outdoors ApS, Feathered Friends, Katabatic Gear LLC, Jarden Corp., Patagonia International, Inc., Exxel Outdoors, LLC, and NEMO Equipment, Inc. are among others.

    The regional analysis covers:

    • North America (U.S. and Canada)
    • Latin America (Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chile, and others)
    • Western Europe (Germany, U.K., France, Spain, Italy, Nordic countries, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg)
    • Eastern Europe (Poland and Russia)
    • Asia Pacific (China, India, Japan, ASEAN, Australia, and New Zealand)
    • Middle East and Africa (GCC, Southern Africa, and North Africa)

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    Opportunities for Sleeping Bags Market Participants:

    The global sleeping bags market is anticipated to grow at a steady rate owing to the rising trend of adventure activities coupled with the growing interest of the millennial population in outdoor activities. The market is driven by the multifunctional nature of the sleeping bags such as providing safety, temperature insulation, comfort, ease of use, convenience factor, and portability making sleeping bags a must-have equipment in a mountaineer’s bag. The growing awareness about the availability and accessibility of the sleeping bags also supplement the growth of the sleeping bags in the market. Sensing a lucrative growth in the sleeping bags market various new market entrants are expected to enter this niche market.

    The study is a source of reliable data on:

    • Sleeping Bags Market segments and sub-segments
    • Sleeping Bags Market trends and dynamics
    • Supply and demand
    • Sleeping Bags Market size
    • Current trends/opportunities/challenges
    • Competitive landscape
    • Technological breakthroughs
    • Value chain and stakeholder analysis

  • Freeze Drying Equipment Market Prevalent Opportunities upto 2028

    Freeze Drying Equipment Market: Introduction

    To prevent wastage of food and enable food preservation, companies are manufacturing freezing and cooling systems. The freeze drying equipment is most commonly used in preserving foods and beverages. Freeze drying equipment slows down decomposition by turning residual moisture into ice, thereby suppressing the growth of bacterial species. It preserves the quality, texture and taste of food.

    Freeze drying equipment has ice condenser capacities usually ranging between 5.5 kg to 1500 kg. They can be used for a range of applications – from small pilot research plants to large commercial multi-dryer industrial operations. Freeze Drying Equipment technology does not require preservatives for the preservation of food from microorganisms. Frozen products do not require added preservatives as microorganisms cannot grow at temperatures below −9.5 °C or 15 °F. On the other hand, long-term preservation of food may call for food storage at even lower temperatures in freeze drying equipment. Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC), a tasteless and odorless stabilizer, is typically added in freeze drying equipment as it does not adulterate the quality of the product.

    Freeze Drying Equipment Market: Drivers and Challenges


    Freeze drying equipment is also commonly used to preserve different types of foods and beverages in hotels, hence growth in the hospitality industry ultimately boosts the growth of the freeze drying equipment market. High adoption of the equipment in various industries is also another factor which is supporting growth of the market. It is used in all kinds of industrial and retail sectors to preserve meat as well as food products. Freeze drying equipment is also easy to operate and can handle good volumes of food at moderate costs. Many companies are developing innovative freeze drying equipment to offer better safety of foods and beverages, which is resulting in an increase in the demand for freeze drying equipment. The freeze drying equipment is available in affordable costs, which is also attracting the midsized hoteliers.


    Price of daily use electronic equipment has also been rising in tandem with manufacturing costs, which is negatively impacting the growth of freeze drying equipment market. The low adoption rates of power electronic devices along with the power dissipation, high costs associated with freeze drying equipment are expected to hamper the growth of the freeze drying equipment market in the future.

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    Freeze Drying Equipment Market: Segmentation

    The freeze drying equipment market has been segmented on the basis of capacity range, end use and region.

    Segmentation of the freeze drying equipment market on the basis of condenser capacity range:

    • Below 80 Kg
    • 80 Kg – 250 kg
    • 250 Kg – 1000 Kg
    • Above 1000 Kg

    Segmentation of the freeze drying equipment market on the basis of end use:

    • Research Laboratories
    • Pilot Plant Laboratories
    • Academic Research Institutes

    Freeze Drying Equipment Market: Competition Landscape

    Some of the key vendors in the freeze drying equipment market are EYELA, Harvest Right, Labconco, Millrock Technology, Inc., SP Scientific, Yamato Scientific America Inc., Z-SC1 Corp., Mechatech Systems Ltd., OctoFrost Group and USIFROID.

    Freeze Drying Equipment Market: Regional Overview

    On the basis of geography, North America is anticipated to capture the largest market share, owing to the presence of leading manufacturing companies with vast product portfolio. South East Asia & Other regions of APAC and Western Europe are also expected to gain substantial market share due to the introduction of new technologies, which include digitalization in the food and beverage industry and easy operations. Also, China is pegged to be the fastest growing freeze drying equipment market as many companies in the country are developing new technologies and emphasizing on innovation. The government in the country is taking initiatives taken towards the improvement of technologies, which is further supplementing market growth.

    The freeze drying equipment markets in Latin America and MEA are also expected to witness high growth rates in the coming period, due to the rise in the adoption of smart machines, especially in the food and beverages industry.

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    Regional analysis includes:

    • North America (U.S., Canada)
    • Latin America (Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Rest of LATAM)
    • Europe (Germany, Italy, U.K, Spain, France, Nordic countries, BENELUX, Eastern Europe, Rest of Europe)
    • CIS & Russia
    • Japan
    • Asia Pacific Excluding Japan ( Greater China, India, South Korea, ASEAN Countries, Rest of APEJ)
    • Middle East and Africa (GCC Countries, Turkey, Iran, Israel, S. Africa, Rest of MEA)

    Freeze Drying Equipment Market Report Highlights

    • Detailed overview of parent market
    • Changing Freeze Drying Equipment market dynamics in the industry
    • In-depth Freeze Drying Equipment Market segmentation
    • Historical, current and projected market size in terms of volume and value
    • Recent industry trends and developments
    • Competitive landscape
    • Strategies of key players and products offered
    • Potential and niche segments, geographical regions exhibiting promising growth
    • A neutral perspective on Freeze Drying Equipment market performance
    • Must-have information for market players to sustain and enhance their Freeze Drying Equipment market footprint

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